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computer viruses, компьютерные вирусы

Car Transportation information
Size Categories

To make rate calculator very simple and as close as possible to real world we devided all vehicles into size categories
  • Passenger car
  • Passenger car oversized
  • SUV
  • SUV Oversized
  • Truck
  • Van
  • Cargo Van 
  • You may ask yourself - how do I determine my category. As I told you before we would like you to use common scene in choosing your option. To achieve that you need to know what "oversized" means. What we mean by oversized is usually the vehicle length and in some occasions height. For example, 99' Honda Civic is considered to be a "passenger car" but 89' Cadillac De Ville would be "passenger car oversized" because it is bigger than usual passenger car.
    Another example, 99' Nissan Pathfinder is an “SUV” on the other hand 99' GMC Suburban would be “SUV Oversized”. What is Cargo Van ? Cargo Van is used to transport LTL freight ( 1-4 pallets ) and doesn't have passenger seats in cargo section.

    I hope these examples will be helpfull. If you still have questions please CONTAT US.


    computer viruses, компьютерные вирусы

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    computer viruses, компьютерные вирусы